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Rating: 15
Duration: 3 hrs 0min

Acclaimed director Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk, The Dark Knight) returns with his highly anticipated latest film, "Oppenheimer." This epic thriller delves into the pulse-pounding paradox of an enigmatic man who faces the daunting decision of risking the destruction of the world in order to save it. At the heart of the story is physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, portrayed by the talented Cillian Murphy, who finds himself at the helm of a team of brilliant scientists entrusted with overseeing the groundbreaking Manhattan Project. The project ultimately leads to the development of the atomic bomb, leaving behind monumental consequences that reverberate throughout history. “Christopher Nolan's portrait of the father of the nuclear bomb is a triumph, like witnessing history itself being split open” ★★★★★ The Telegraph

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